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Our Ethos

The Slow Food Cafe in Deal pairs delicious upscale breakfast, brunch & lunch options with superior coffee, complimented by indulgent cakes and pastries. Our community-minded ethos is based upon sound ‘slow-food’ gastronomic principles offering clean, fresh foods sourced from ethical and wherever possible, local suppliers. We are passionate about the food we serve and take pride in it being 100% additive and preservative free, prepared from scratch right down to the last baked bean.   


We select all our food on the basis of traceability, welfare, purity and taste. We are truly passionate about the purity of our products and believe that the omission of ‘nasties’ not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but naturally tastes better! Additionally, we believe in establishing and maintaining great partnerships with our suppliers and in turn passing the quality and consistency on to our customers. This all takes time and careful planning but we hope the end result repays the environment and the faith our customers invest in us.  


Who we are

Barnaby Godden (chef) is an executive chef of 30 years’ experience.   He has spent the last decade as executive chef with high street favourites Wagamama (both in the UK & US), The Diner & The Breakfast Club.

Tones Sansom (FOH) is a SCAE qualified barista with a passion for coffee who spent over 20 years in the music industry in a previous life.

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